Automated IT Provisioning for Accelerated Growth

We Will Reduce Your Provisioning Time Down to 15 Minutes While Saving Your Costs

Beyond DevOps

Bubbles is an IT automation provisioning platform that reduces provisioning times from days or weeks down to 15 minutes. The IT team gains increased visibility, control and audit for all provisioned environments. With Bubbles, you reduce IT costs and increase productivity for both the IT Operations and Development Teams.


Through a Self-Service Portal


Legacy IT Workflow

Self-Service IT Workflow


Created for Devs

Bubbles is a platform for Developers to define their own 'Infrastructure-as-Code' as well as the software configurations they desire.  From these configuration templates, they can easily spin up  and down environments on-demand with a single-click.

Engineered by Ops

Bubbles automates all the steps to achieve IT compliance and Operational Excellence by empowering IT Ops to set role-based access controls, security configurations, resource limitations with the ability to manage, monitor and trace all provisioned environments from a single place.


Red Hat is an Enterprise-grade Linux Operating System and VMware is the leading Hypervisor.  The combination of these two best-in-class products results in rock-solid stability and exceptional performance. However, these two products are owned

by the IT Team and therefore no other team has access to it. As a result, development teams are dependent upon

the IT Team for their infrastructure needs. Both Red Hat and VMware have excellent supporting software

collections but they are typically targeted at the IT Administrator as the end-user.  Many organizations

are looking towards containers to see how they can find an intermediary solution where

Developers can get their needs met. Unfortunately, this results in the need to abandon

the existing VM workflow, experiment with new software and re-engineer a brand

new procedure. Bubbles takes a different approach to solving this issue

by acting as the intermediary between the IT-owned infrastructure

and development teams in a clever yet simple way. Go

beyond DevOps and find out how you can

accelerate your existing workflow

with Bubbles.

What User Says

​"What would have

taken me 5 weeks to

do, I accomplished

in 5 hours with


  - Rana Dhaliwal

  Vancouver, Canada

"Its like Docker
except its easier,
because I don't

have to bother with Storage or


  - Di Wu
  Vancouver, Canada

"Works well, very-very
convenient. I used it to
spin up some instances
for some blockchain
nodes. Every time I
implement a new coin,

I like it cause I can just
spin up my own test
server without asking IT"

  - Hayden Carlson
  Vancouver, Canada

We help IT Teams achieve 
'Operational Excellence' by 
switching from a 'Reactive' 
approach to a 'Proactive'
approach as a result of  implementing Self-Service IT 

On a Mission to Simplify IT 

Zubin Singh Parihar 

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