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A Bubble is a Collection of Instances
in an Isolated Environment

Bubble 1

Bubble 2

Bubble 3

Benefits and Features

Increase Development Speed

  • Provisioning On-Demand

  • Faster deployment cycles

  • Develop new features faster

Increase IT Productivity

  • Developers provision via self-service interface

  • IT Team unburdened from provisioning tasks

  • Pre-defined automation process provided

Reduce Costs

  • Save hiring costs, reduce IT and DevOps need

  • Save time and cost building the automation

  • DevOps-ready from day 1

Reduce Risk of Errors

  • Reduces the chance for human error

  • Respond to bugs and security threats faster

  • Repeatable, compliant & secure builds

Blow a Bubble with a Single-Click

Developers can deploy a multi-instance replica of your Production environment to Dev, QA or Staging

  • Multi-instance environments are saved as a template

  • Templates have built-in Version Control

  • Easily share templates with your Team(s)



Dave's Environment

Develop and Test in Your Own Bubble

Isolated environments increase efficiency of collaborative application development 

  • Develop features without interrupting teammates 

  • Develop features without unintended tampering

  • Swift and reliable testing of whole environment

UI-Based Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

The UI lowers the barrier for entry because there is no need to learn complex infrastructure language

  • 'Point-and-Click' to define IaC templates

  • UI prevents user errors when defining IaC

  • Easy to customize infrastructure

download (3).jpeg

Use Command Line + API for Automation

Easily create your own deployment automation that fits your organizations needs

  • DevOps automation becomes easier

  • Integrate Bubbles API calls with other applications

  • Hyperscale Environment spin-up and tear down

"What would have taken me 5 weeks to do, I accomplished in 5 hours with Bubbles"

  Rana Dhaliwal - Vancouver, Canada


Certified Turnkey Infrastructure

Hit the ground running with a Bubbles-ready turnkey infrastructure based on OVH Cloud

  • Pre-optimized Hypervisors

  • Software Defined Networking

  • VPN Accessible

Leverage Existing Infrastructure

Take advantage of your your existing Data Center and  run Bubbles On-premise

  • Virtual Appliance for easy install

  • Low infrastructure impact

  • Return on infrastructure investment

download (8).jpeg
Bubbles Gradient Background.png

"“Works well, very-very convenient. I used it to spin up some instances for some blockchain nodes. Every time I implement a new coin, I like it cause I can just spin up my own test server without asking IT"

        Hayden Carlson - Vancouver, Canada

Additional Plugins

IT Plugins

  • Configuration Management

  • Remote Execution

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Centralized User Authentication

Developer Plugins

  • CI/CD 

  • GitLab Repository

  • Chat Collaboration platform

  • SSL Manager

  • Centralized Logging 

Management Plugins

  • Wiki

  • Issue Tracking

  • Project Management

  • Role-based Access Control

  • Password Management 

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