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Bubbles Software Corp. was founded by experienced tech minds in the IT industry. We have observed the evolution of IT Infrastructure Automation and DevOps practices, noticing two common challenges: 

  1. The gap between IT and Development Teams 

  2. The lack of a single-click automated provisioning solution.


To address these issues, we developed the 'Bubbles Orchestration Software System.' It offers pre-built automated workflows, a Self-Service User Interface, and a Command-Line Interface to streamline communication between IT and Development Teams.


Unlike most IT automation software, our product caters to the needs of Development & QA Teams. It allows them to quickly create and manage multi-instance environments, increasing software release speed and operational efficiency without involving the IT Department.


Our automation approach is cost-effective and takes only a few weeks to implement, unlike other solutions like Private Cloud implementations or Public Cloud migrations.


Our goal is to help organizations enhance their competitiveness by maximizing ROI on existing infrastructure, reducing the need for additional resources, and optimizing their IT workflow to fit their environment.

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Hide all complexity behind simplicity.

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