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Save $50k AWS Cloud Cost per Month 

Available on Cloud & On-Premise

The Bubbles Orchestration Software System is a turnkey platform that removes all complexity in achieving your automation goals 

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Learn To Cut Your OWN Cloud Costs 50%

If you want our free guide to the secret sauce of Bubbles, download below

Cut Your Cloud Costs by up to 90% with our Bubbles Hosted Private Cloud

We utilize one of the world's biggest Dedicated Bare Metal Server providers with over 37 connected data centers across the world. 

The Bubbles Orchestration Software System is the platform that sits atop this infrastructure and turns it into a  simple and high-performing 
Hosted Private Cloud.

Bubbles Fuses Technology

Identity Manager


CI/CD Platform

Logging Service

Monitoring Service


Be DevOps-Ready in No Time

Our DevOps orchestration platform instantly gives you the ability to spin up and tear down environments on-demand.

“Its like Docker except its easier, because I don't have to bother with Storage or Networking”

Di Wu - Developer Vancouver, Canada

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Improve Operational Efficiency

A DevOps and IT Automation workflow can take months to achieve and will require human resources to build it. With Bubbles, the work is already done for you.

“What would have taken me 5 weeks to do, I accomplished in 5 hours with Bubbles”

Rana Dhaliwal - Developer 

Vancouver, Canada

Self-Service Provisioning

Development teams no longer need to wait for the IT and DevOps teams. The self-service portal delivers environments with a single click while remaining compliant to your IT standards.

​“Works well, very-very convenient. I used it to spin up some instances for some blockchain nodes. Every time I implement a new coin, I like it cause I can just spin up my own test server without asking IT”

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Hayden Carlson - Vancouver, Canada

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Learn our Pillars of IT Automation

If you want our free guide to the secret sauce of Bubbles, download below

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